So you’ve been looking for some land and you find a piece of land that you like, kind of like what we have here. So where do you go from this land which is raw, to the finished house? We start out by building a house pad. Let’s look at one… 

If Your House Could Talk Foundation Pad

So let’s take a look at the pad. Now there’s a couple of ways to build a pad but the primary thing you’re trying to do is get the pad level in order to build a foundation on top of it.

So once you’ve got it all level then you can come back and you can bring in some extra fill if needed because you want to make sure that you slope away from the foundation. So that you have water flowing away from the foundation the last thing you want to have is water going back into the foundation and causing you issues down the road. So it’s very important to make sure it’s built up to where it slopes away even in the preliminary stage slopes away from the foundation.

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