We’re back to the edge of the foundation because I want to point out a few things here. If you notice there is a two-by material set on the edge, what this does it forms a brick ledge. 

This brick ledge is only two and a half inches wide because we’re going to use the collector’s stone product that’s only about two and a half inches wide. Normally, we’ll have a five-and-a-half which would be a two-by-six brick ledge.

If you imagine it you’ll have the finished floor here, the concrete will come down to the back side and once this floor material is removed then we have an inch and a half drop for the brick to sit on or stone whatever you use.

However, if you come around the corner you’ll notice that we don’t have the brick ledge on this side, the reason being the bump-out that we’re working with here will be our siding so we don’t need to have that extra lip for the siding to come down top of.