Once the pad is built we’ll set the form boards up and there are a few things i want to point out with these form boards.

One, is that we use two by twelves. We use a two by twelve for several reasons, one of them being that when the finished slab is here it gives us 11.5 inches more of slope away from the house to ensure that we have proper drainage.

The other item we got to use the 2 by 12 for is because on this slab we used a post tension cable. That’s the cable you see coming out here, now if we use like a two by eight or two by six these cables are so concentrated when they go to pull tension on it it’ll blow this slab out. But by using a two by twelve we can properly span out these cables to where we can pull them tight once the slab is finished.

If Your House Could Talk Foam Boards

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