If you’re going to have a condition attic space with gas-fired appliances in the attic it’s imperative that you use at least a 95 percent efficient unit. Like this tankless water heater, it allows for the carbon monoxide to be expelled to the outside while bringing the fresh air to burn the fuel to the inside. 

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This particular tankless water heater has a storage secondary storage tank and what that allows us to do is circulate the hot water throughout the whole house on a continuous basis. Allowing whichever faucet within the house when you turn it on you have instant hot water.

When the water temperature drops below a certain level the tankless water heater comes on and will heat that water back up to the desired level. One last thing i want to talk about tankless water heater, are that the gas-fired water heaters being as a 95 efficient whichever you go with is far more efficient than an electrical tankless water heater. 

If Your House Could Talk

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